A chat with Ghost Outdoors

A chat with Ghost Outdoors

Vincent : Tell us about how Ghost Outdoors came about.

Ghost : We were loving getting away but sick of toting gear that didn’t feel like us. Most the stuff out there was too tech and just took up space at home when we weren’t on a hardcore trip.  We created Ghost for people who demand more but want to live with less.
Well designed, double duty gear that encourages spontaneous mid-week getaways and reminds us of the feeling we get when there’s no phone reception.

V : Have you always been campers?

G : We’ve always been outdoor enthusiasts in one form or another from caravanning with our parents as kids, to sailing, and choosing a university based on its mountain location.  Over the past few years, escaping with our mates has become vital - always planning the next trip before finishing the one we’re on.

V : What do you put the rise in popularity of camping over the recent years down to?

G : It has a lot to do with the thing you’re reading this on.  We’re addicted to our phones, to work, to non-stop stimulation.  It ain’t good and we’ve been in the spiral long enough to want something more for ourselves.  Getting outdoors offers a reset button, a moment to recharge and tune into what really makes us happy.

The Japanese have a phrase for the good vibes and mental clarity you feel after spending time in nature: shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing.  Look it up, we’re big fans.

V : Where is your favourite spot to get away and test out the range?

G : We’re lucky to have a range of places within hitting distance from Perth- Gnaraloo to the north, the Bibbulmun Trail minutes east, and hideaways sprinkled all over The Great Southern. 

We use the gear for months before going into production so that we get a chance to use it in several scenarios - outdoors, commuting to work, weekend getaway down south. As much as we think about all this before sampling, actually using the gear is the only way to make sure it will perform how we want.  We had 7 samples of our first bag made and have already worked through countless more for version 2.0. 

V : What are your must have’s for a camping getaway?

G : Regardless of season, our 'Finest Wool Army Blanket' comes with us. It’s perfect during the day  for a picnic and as a wrap once the sun goes down.  (Shameless self-promotion, but true).

Otherwise, we pack up the Eskie and keep a box ready to throw in the boot with essentials including: a tent, tarp, sleeping bags, camp table, compact stove (convenient for summer fire bans), pots, pans and old cutlery, tea towels for washing, matches, lantern, shade cloth, etc. 

V : What’s on the menu when you’re out in the elements?

G : Given the remote AUS landscape, most of our getaways are car camping (4wd until you find an interesting spot, explore all day long, return to camp).  When you’re traveling this way, there’s no reason for crap meals.

Dinner is typically a big pot of something to share (roast, stew…) or meat and veg on the barbecue with beers.  

The day starts with good coffee, likely an aeropress or pour over and a jam packed jaffle with cheesy goodness and anything leftover from the night before.

V : Any dream camping spots you’ve not visited yet?

G : Heaps!  At the moment, some time exploring the gorgeous Tasmanian terrain is topping the list.

V : And what’s next for Ghost?

G : It’s been an amazing first year (thanks for being a part of that, by the way). We’re taking on every bit of feedback and extending our range to include more heavy duty goods with multiple uses.  We have updates to the current range including new blanket designs currently in production and some completely new gear we’ve been developing throughout the year. Stay tuned….