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For the past 15 years, we've been dedicated to bringing the best designs, from the worlds best & brightest designers, to Australia.






Jemma Vincent

It was Jemma and her father Paul’s lightbulb moment that was the catalyst for Vincent. She and her father started in a small office with a couple of small European brands and a wholesale distributor was born. Skip ahead 13 years, and after representing more than a dozen international brands at various times, Jemma’s experience and wealth of knowledge in the design industry becomes obvious. Together with her sister Phoebe, Jemma has tailored the Vincent brand to now be recoginzed with only the best and most beautifully designed product. Jem has a genuine talent for recognising emerging colour and aesthetic trends. She has also worked closely with her husband Brad in developing this, The Everyday range. The years of knowledge gained have aided in curating this collection to suit Vincents ‘Everyday’ ideals.  

Phoebe Vincent
Within the first 12 months of Vincent being created, Phoebe joined her sister and father as this emerging business was growing faster than expected. Now, after more than a dozen years working side by side, Phoebe too has gained valuable experience and expertise when it comes to working with international design brands. Phoebe has a love for Scandinavian design brands, and has been the motivator in bringing some of Vincent's most successful products to Australia. Phoebe’s proficiency in all areas of the business is clear to see on a daily basis. She and her sister can practically communicate without words and immediately have an understanding about whats next for the company. Phoe is driven, determined and continues to work tirelessly paving the way for the next chapter of what she and her family have created.

Brad Turner
Brad joined his wife Jemma at Vincent in 2015, and brings with him more than 15 years experience in the design industry. With a degree in Industrial Design and coming from a decade with one of Australia’s premier furniture designers, Brad’s role is to design and develop locally and overseas made furniture for the trade markets.  Also, with a great deal of experience in bespoke design, Brad has more recently spent time designing and developing custom built pieces for a wide range of commercial projects. A genuine passion for furniture design and love for a minimalist aesthetic was the driving force behind the development of The Everyday brand for Brad. He is constantly on the look out for seeds of inspiration that will germinate into the next collection of pieces, and is devoted to continuing to grow and develop this range.

The products we choose to represent are well conceived, beautifully designed, and expertly manufactured. They include:

-Creative lighting & home concepts from Design House Stockholm
-Beautiful tableware and durable floormats from Chilewich New York
We have chosen them because we love them, and we know you will too.

NEW from Vincent in 2018 however,  is The Everyday. Our very own range of furniture and accessories. 
The Everyday brand was conceived, founded and developed by the family at Vincent design supply. For over 14 years, the Vincent team have been involved in an array of design disciplines. From sourcing and specifying to retailing and wholesaling. We’ve worked closely with designers and manufacturers both locally and internationally.
Now, we’ve put all of that knowledge and experince together to create our own brand. Its a brand with which we hope to convey our own beliefs and ideals about design / 
  Objects to enhance our world, not overpower it.
  Pieces that fit within our lives. From our family to yours. 
We are passionate about making The Everyday beautiful.