• Kvadrat - Phlox - 0633

Kvadrat - Phlox - 0633

Phlox is Raf Simons’ interpretation of the classic corduroy fabric. This large-scale ribbed fabric brings a more graphic and three-dimensional character to this year’s collection. Ranging from intense flower-like hues such as striking reds, greens and blues, the textile’s colour scheme evokes memories of the 1970s which, combined with Phlox’ tactile, large-scale ribs, provides a contemporary twist. At the same time, a series of neutrals, deep blues and greens create a calm balance within the textile’s versatile palette. The slight iridescence and subtle shine of Phlox adds an extra dimension and richness to this very soft and sensuous fabric.

Composition90% cotton 10% polyester
WidthApprox. 138 cm

*Price per linear meter
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