Chilewich Textiles:

Maximum Performance, Minimum Impact.

‎All Chilewich products are made to retain their refined look through decades of daily use, our textiles are renowned for their beauty and practicality. They’re also the product of 20 years of continuous innovation to maximize performance and minimize environmental impact. We’re proud of the strides we’ve made, and we’re committed to continuous improvement in our materials and our processes.

Chilewich are committed to reducing waste on a company-wide basis, from design and sampling to manufacturing and fulfillment. As part of this initiative, Chilewich launched a zero-waste pilot program with our Fall/Winter 2021 collection. All of the collection’s tufted “Shag” floor mats were designed to make use of surplus yarns rather than require the creation of new yarns.

Learn more about Chilewich's sustainability focus:

Extended Lifespan:
Strengthened by integrated antimicrobial protection, our products retain their beauty and functionality for decades, reducing energy-and cost-intensive replacement and the associated waste.

Green Cleaning:
Our textiles can be washed with water and biodegradable detergents.

Sustainable Transportation:
Designed by Sandy Chilewich and our in-house design team, all our woven and tufted textiles are made with pride in the United States. Working with local and domestic suppliers reduces transport related environmental impacts.

Phthalates & Heavy Metal Free:
It all starts with the yarn. Ours are extruded, and 100% free of the phthalates and heavy metals found inconventional plasticizers.

Environmentally Safe:
Our products have been tested and certified by the Green Label Plus™ and GreenGuard® programs for low VOC emissions, and they can be found in healthcare settings that include major hospitals.

Ethical Manufacturing:
From carefully sourcing polymers to ensuring that our own factory in Georgia meets or  exceeds EPAand OSHA standards, we take health and safety as seriously as we do innovation

TerraStrand: The fibre that makes Chilewich:

Used across all Chilewich Woven products, TerraStrand is a unique, ultra-tough synthetic extruded fibre.

Free of lead and phthalates, these extruded yarns are softened by a plasticiser that is derived from soybeans rather than petroleum for a 40% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to conventional plasticisers. Chilewich yarns contain a minimum of 18% renewable vegetable content.